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At mobiletestingclinic.com we are committed to assisting our customers every step of the way during the process of finding the ideal mobile clinic. We understand that this process can be intimidating and even overwhelming, especially for the first time buyer. Rest assured, purchasing a mobile clinic is a process that at mobiletestingclinic.com we have streamlined to make simple. By taking out the guesswork and guiding each customer individually, our experienced staff is equipped to find the best option to serve your organization and fulfill your mission.

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By owning a mobile clinic, the opportunity for community outreach is unlimited. But before you start your journey there are several factors to consider before purchasing a clinic that better help our staff understand your needs.

  1. Identify Purpose
  2. Budget
  3. Customization & Timeframe
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Identify Purpose

Identify Purpose

The first and most simple factor to outline is your mission. What is the purpose of your vehicle? What services are you providing? A blood drive trailer, a logistics center, an eye clinic? By identifying your ultimate goal you can better decide what route to take for your floor plan or type of desired clinic.

Here are some helpful questions to discuss with your team before your consultation.

  • How often will you be moving your clinic?
  • What types of medical procedures or specific uses will your clinic be used for?
  • How many patients will you be seeing daily?
  • What equipment or amenities are important for your organization to be successful? For example; restrooms, waiting areas, tables or beds, wheelchair lifts, HVAC system.
  • Are you interested in new clinics, used clinics, or indifferent?
  • How soon do we need this?
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Coming in with a budget plan takes the guesswork out of what is attainable for your vehicle. By informing your sales representative of a price range, they can help make decisions that give you the best options for your budget.

Every clinic sale is different and the cost truly depends on several unique factors for each unit. Not sure what your budget should look like? Our sales staff can help guide you through vehicle types and prices to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Customization & Timeframe

Customization & Timeframe

By knowing your desired delivery or pick up date, we are able to identify how much customization is available for your order. One of the factors that set mobiletestingclinic.com above the rest is availability. Other clinic providers can take months upon months to deliver and customize, not at mobiletestingclinic.com. We have an in stock, ready to deploy, inventory of clinics that require minimal modifications.

While we do offer individual customization that may take more time, many of our vehicles are fully equipped and ready to work. We have an inventory of in stock mobile clinics that can be delivered and on the road in as little as a week.

As far as custom vehicles, we work with our customers transparently about a timeframe that will suit both buyer and seller. What types of customization are available? Your sales representative will discuss what options are obtainable for your specific budget and timeframe, along with our team of in house technicians capabilities.

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Types of Clinics

There are many varieties of mobile clinics to choose from. By considering how often you’ll be moving and how many patients you would like to see, you can narrow your search down easily. Each type of clinic has its advantages; the easiest to get moving and our most popular option is the truck chassis mobile clinic. These clinics have the vehicle connected to the clinic, so there is no requirement for the hook up of an outside truck with a hitch. This alleviates your organization of added headaches such as finding a vehicle able to tow your clinic and physically hooking up the vehicle. These clinics are ideal for organizations that plan on moving frequently and depending on the weight, often do not require a special license to drive. The truck chassis mobile clinics are simple to operate and the chassis are made by Ford or Chevy, so they can easily be serviced by any service provider across the country.

We also offer trailer mobile clinics. With varieties ranging from the smallest tow behind clinic, all the way to much larger clinics, we have an option for you. Some trailers can simply be moved place to place with a truck, while the much larger trailer clinics must be transported by a tractor or semi. These are factors to consider before deciding on what clinic is best for you. By speaking with your mobiletestingclinic.com sales representative, we will guide you in the right direction of clinic that will best suit your organization’s mission.

Graphics Packages

When you buy through mobiletestingclinic.com you get all your customization done in-house, including your mobile clinic’s graphics. By selecting custom graphics for your mobile clinic, your organization will be easily recognized by patients and the public in general, a powerful tool for marketing and brand recognition. We are able to use your organization’s logo or our team of graphic designers will work with you to choose your own. From simple paint jobs to extensive designs, your mobiletestingclinic.com graphics will deliver the highest impact marketing for your mission.

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Trade In

Own a clinic that you’re ready to upgrade, or just sell? Mobiletestingclinic.com takes trade ins too! Our staff will evaluate your clinic and work with you for the best trade in value. There are several factors that go into a clinic’s trade worth, such as, age, condition, miles, and upkeep. Not in our area? We are able to virtually evaluate your clinic with a video call consultation and high-resolution photos.

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Let this guide serve as an outline for what to expect when you begin your clinic acquisition. Our staff prides themselves on making customers feel comfortable and understood. If anything is not clear or you have a question regarding part of the process, our sales staff is only a phone call or email away. Our mission is the same as our customers, to provide safe, accessible, and reliable care for patients and providers through quality mobile clinics.

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